Covid Security

Visits and Visitors to Site – Policy and Procedures for Covid Security

While Coronavirus remains a significant threat to the health of our employees, customers and suppliers, Condale Plastics will be minimising the number of visits that our staff make to other sites and the number of visits made to our factory in East Grinstead.

Condale Plastics will only ask a member of our staff to visit another site, for any reason, if all other options for communication have been eliminated and if it essential to the business. If our staff are obliged to make a visit to another site, the visit will only take place if that site is Covid secure. Condale employees will be obliged to comply with all safety procedures at the host site.

For visits to Condale Plastics site, all visitors will be asked to book in, in advance of the visit, comply with all site regulations while on site and may be subject to a temperature check before being allowed onto the premises.

Visits by Condale Staff to other sites

1. All employees must only make a visit to another site if that visit cannot be avoided by use of any other form of communication including, telephone, e-mail, videoconference and exchange of physical samples.

2. All visits by a Condale employee must be approved in advance by the employee’s manager.

3. Ideally any employee will make their visit using a company or their own car travelling directly to the site and complying with all Condale cleanliness practices. Public transport should only be used as a last resort.

4. Any Condale employee must establish in advance of the visit if any specific precautions are required by the host site. Any PPE required must be taken to the site.

Visitors and Contractors to Condale’s site

1. Visits to site must only take place if all other means of communication have been exhausted and if a physical visit is the only way in which a problem can be resolved, or an activity carried out.

2. All visits must be booked in advance through the Visitor diary on the network by the host. Visit guidelines must be e-mailed or sent to the visitor in advance of the visit by the host.

3. When a visitor arrives on-site, they are asked to remain in their vehicle and telephone reception by mobile. Reception will book in the visitor and contact the host.

4. The host must collect the visitor from their car or other vehicle and confirm the site rules regarding the visit. The host will undertake a temperature check on the visitor using a hand-held non-contact thermometer. If the visitor exhibits a temperature greater than 37.8°C then the visit will not be allowed to take place.

5. If the visitors’ temperature is normal the host must guide the visitor to the nearest entrance applicable to the visit. At all times, any visitor must be accompanied.

6. The host must notify reception when the visitor leaves.

7. All visitors will be asked to inform their host if they fall ill with Covid symptoms within two weeks of their visit.

Deliveries to Site

1. All delivery drivers should park their vehicles outside the company gates

2. Delivery drivers must ring the bell at goods-in and wait for a fork-lift driver. Any member of staff who may see a delivery driver waiting will be obliged to make sure that a fork-lift driver is called.

3. Once goods in are in attendance the driver must return to the cab of their vehicle.

4. Paperwork can be passed to the goods-in driver, but no goods will be physically signed for.

5. We would not deny any driver use of the toilet facilities but if they do require them, the appropriate goods in person will show them the most direct route and ask them to use all appropriate hand sanitisation.

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