Rigid Plastic Extrusions

We manufacture rigid plastic profiles and tubes in many different materials, colours and finishes to meet specifications for all applications.

Rigid plastic profiles

Typically, plastic profiles have a regular 1mm to 5mm wall and include anything from a simple U channel to complex sections with several chambers and mating parts.

Rigid plastic tubes

Rigid plastic tubes can be produced from 2mm to 160mm in diameter with any wall thickness. We aim to manufacture and deliver all custom rigid plastic tube orders within two to three weeks. Our minimum run is generally 2,000 metres, but we are happy to discuss smaller runs for heavy plastic and large diameter tubes.

Rigid plastic materials

The choice of thermoplastic material used for rigid plastic extrusions will depend on its application and specification requirement, such as its thermal properties, UV and chemical resistance, flame retardancy and impact strength.

View our materials selection table to select the best material to meet your requirements or, if you would like to discuss your rigid plastic extrusion requirements, call our technical sales team on +44 (0)1342 312 714.

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