Finishing & Secondary Operations

Grey plastic profiles from Condale Plastics

We offer a number of in-line and out of line finishing processes.

Condale Plastics is equipped with a range of in-line printing, notching, punching and drilling equipment. Extrusions can be printed with serial numbers, logos, production dates, contact details and recycling information. The most favoured print technique is ink-jet. Generally this is available in black or yellow depending upon the background colour.

Other in-line, or, close to line processes such a punching, notching, drilling or angled cutting offer cost-effective methods for the preparation of your extrusions for their final use or next stage of processing. Condale Plastics will manufacture punch tools to your designs.

The choice of final cutting process will be made on the basis of the material used, the size, thickness and the application of your final product. All sections can be cut to length in-line or more accurately in, off-line cutting processes. In-line our saws will hold a 2mm tolerance on a one metre length. The tolerance that can be held will naturally increase with the length of the finished extrusion. Out of line cutting can be carried out to a tolerance of +/- 0.5mm but does require time for sections to be conditioned prior to sawing.

The choice of packaging for your products will be tailored to your specific requirements. Long lengths can be cheaply sleeved and packed onto pallets or returnable stillages. Smaller products can be bulk bagged or boxed for direct delivery to you or your customer’s logistics centre. In some cases other components such as end caps or nuts and bolts can be packed with your extrusions.

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