Environmental Policy

Condale Plastics is committed to minimising its impact on the environment and, as a matter of course, we take the following actions to help reduce waste:

  1. Wherever possible, all plastic waste is re-chipped and reused in-house or sold on for reprocessing.
  2. All polythene material bags are recovered, baled and sold for recycling.
  3. All cardboard waste is cut down for use as pallet liners between products.
  4. Use of excess water is kept to a minimum through filtration and recycling.
  5. We consider carefully the power requirements of new machinery before buying.
  6. The hot air produced by chillers etc. is recycled into our factory during the cold season to save on energy used for heating.
  7. Waste metal produced from our tool room is sold for recycling.
  8. Waste oil is disposed of via a certified firm.

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