Rigid PVC Profiles, Sections and Trims

PVC is the third most widely produced polymer, but in terms of extrusions, PVC is probably the most frequently extruded rigid plastic. Its low cost, recyclable properties and versatility for both indoor and outdoor use make rigid PVC (uPVC) extrusions a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Rigid PVC properties

PVC is a hard polymer that can be further enhanced using impact modifiers.

Its strong chemical resilience means PVC can be easily welded, glued and fused to itself – ideal for joints in pipes. Its resistance to corrosion makes extruded uPVC profiles, sections and trims suitable for outdoor environments.

PVC also has good insulation properties for low voltage electrical uses.

Rigid PVC extrusions in use

Rigid PVC is widely used in construction for water and waste pipes, conservatories, gutters, cladding, wall and door protection and window frames due to its excellent thermal properties and stability.

In transport applications uPVC is used externally for vehicle bodies, caravans and boating, and internally for creating pleasing aesthetics, since it is available in many colours and surface finishes.

In the retail sector point of sale displays, storage racks, ticket strips and poster grippers are all produced from extruded rigid PVC.


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