PETG Extrusions

PETG, a glycol modified version of polyethylene terephthalate, has a wide variety of uses; its clarity, malleability, ease of decoration and good chemical resistance make this plastic particularly popular.

Properties of PETG extrusions

PETG is an amorphous thermoplastic which has high impact resistance even at low temperatures. Extruded PETG offers very high clarity and can be easily coloured during processing. UV stable grades of PETG are available for outdoor applications.

It’s a medium cost plastic and food approved, making PETG extrusions a common choice at point of sale.

Extruded PETG in use

PETG is a popular material among fabricators as it can be easily bent, bonded or drilled. It does not stress whiten.

In the retail sector, the clarity of PETG extrusions makes them ideal for use in point of sale displays, ticket strips, shelving systems and card or menu holders. These can be coloured during extrusion or decorated following fabrication.

Clear PETG extrusions also find their way into components for blinds, corner guards, office partitioning and lighting tubes.

More specialist uses of extruded PETG include electronics component carrier tubes, medical devices and medical or sampling tubes.

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