Polyethylene Extrusions

Polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic material generally and is available in a range of forms in high (extruded HDPE), medium (extruded MDPE) and low density (extruded LDPE) grades.

Polyethylene is most regularly extruded into a variety of tubes. Moulded applications of this material include packaging, bottles and food containers.

Polyethylene properties

Extruded polyethylene is versatile and low cost, the two properties that have made it the most popular polymer used on the planet.

Polyethylene extrusions are tough, translucent and have good chemical resistance with a low coefficient of friction. Extruded polyethylene can be irradiated.

Polyethylene is flammable and has a poor weather resistance.

Polyethylene extrusions in use

Extruded polyethylene has a wide variety of uses and is commonly used in the healthcare industry in medical tubing, needle sheaths and sampling tubes. Its ability to be produced in small diameters helps in these respects, and it is commonly used to make tubes to transport water and other liquids.

Polyethylene extrusions also have larger scale applications, including film cores, tubes for product handling and packaging sleeves and protection trims for a wide range of items.

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