Condale Plastics’ Pioneering Role in Revolutionising On-Street EV Charging

In an era of increasing electric vehicle (EV) adoption, the demand for convenient and accessible charging solutions is more significant than ever. While EV owners with private driveways have the luxury of installing home chargers, on-street charging poses unique challenges.

At Condale Plastics, a plastic extrusions manufacturer, we’ve stepped up to address this issue head-on, creating ground-breaking components for on-street EV charging points. A conversation with our Managing Director Michael Stewart and Technical Sales Engineer Mark Fenwick revealed valuable insights into our pioneering work in this area.

Creating Charging Solutions for On-Street Parking

Unveiling the company’s recent project and its pivotal role, Mark said:

“Condale Plastics has undertaken a recent project geared towards affordable hassle-free on-street EV charging in residential areas. Our focus is to craft essential components for this customer, and currently, these components are undergoing trials. Several councils are already in the process of deploying them on the roads.”

With their current project representing a substantial stride towards making EV charging accessible to a broader demographic. The fact that councils have embraced our innovative solutions for road implementation underscores their importance.

Michael emphasised that their focus transcends mere functionality, but also prioritising cost-effectiveness:

“Our focus isn’t solely on functionality; we’re also determined to enhance the user experience, making it smoother and cost-effective,” he said.

We’re not only creating functional components but also prioritising user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to continuous improvement is unmistakable, as we strive to refine our design to better serve the community.

Pushing for Mainstream Solutions

Our willingness to invest in a long-term vision demonstrates their dedication to a cleaner and more sustainable future, as Michael went on to say:

“The on-street charging challenge is monumental, especially for those without private driveways. We’re unwavering in our aspiration to make on-street EV charging mainstream.”

We recognise the magnitude of the on-street charging challenge, particularly in a country where a significant portion of the population lacks private driveways. This innovative solution aims to bridge this gap and make EV ownership accessible to all.

Technical Sales Engineer Mark Fenwick said the deficiencies of existing on-street charging solutions are that they are ‘crude and unsightly’.

In comparison to the existing solutions, this innovation surpasses expectations by providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Mark outlined a key differentiator of their design:

“The design differentiates itself from existing solutions eliminating unsightly cables and potential hazards, due to it being subtly buried in the ground, ensuring a cleaner and safer street.”

Mark shared technical insights into the solution, shedding light on the central components that facilitate safe and efficient EV charging:

“Our contributions involve two essential components—the cartridge body and the male part, commonly known as the ‘lance.’ These are integral to creating a secure and efficient connection for EV charging.”

Our Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Our remarkable work in the on-street EV charging sector not only addresses a pressing need but also showcases our commitment to innovation and sustainability. As the world transitions toward greener transportation options, Condale Plastics is playing a pivotal role in making EV charging accessible, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing for all.

In the words of Michael Stewart, “We want to be mainstream,” and with our groundbreaking work, we’re well on their way to achieving just that.

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