Condale Plastics Introduces New Extrusion Line

We have installed a new single screw extruder at our factory in East Grinstead to increase our manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand for technical plastic profiles.

The new Battenfeld Cincinnati Alpha screw extruder is designed specifically for the extrusion of technical plastic profiles and small plastic pipes and its introduction means we now operate an impressive 33 plastic extrusion lines at our manufacturing facility.

Not only does the new single screw extruder have a larger processing window than older models, the hopper design allows for faster material and colour changes and an updated control system means we can monitor melt temperature and melt pressure to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for all plastic profiles.

In addition, the new machine has a maintenance-free direct drive AC motor and consumes less energy through motor drive technology, which contributes to our ongoing environmental commitment to source the most energy efficient equipment.

At Condale Plastics we recognise that investing in new, high quality machinery is essential to future-proof our plastic extrusion manufacturing capability.

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