New Printer Enhances Print Capability

The latest addition to our print operations not only adds new capacity but also adds new capabilities at our East Grinstead extrusion manufacturing facility.

Our new Linx 5900 printer can generate three lines of text including logos and variable data. Easily updated via USB, print configurations can be transferred readily between print machines and our plastic extrusion lines, significantly reducing set-up time and the need for engineering support. The large colour operator interface utilises prompted coding fields which allows us to create and edit messages quickly and efficiently.

Our ink-jet printers provide the opportunity to add your branding, part numbers, contact details or batch data to the plastic tubes or profiles that we extrude for you. Recycling or disposal instructions can also be discreetly added to your extrusion components.

This state-of-the-art printer also includes the latest technology for the reduction of solvent usage and a Surefill® mistake proof refill system, which together minimise the environmental impact of the equipment.

At Condale Plastics we recognise that investing in new, high quality printing equipment is vital to future-proof our plastic extrusion capability.

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