Celebrating 50 years of plastic extrusions

Last June saw Condale Plastics celebrate its 50th birthday. In this blog, we take a look at some notable moments in the company’s history.

Globalisation and the economy

We’re particularly proud to remain a British manufacturer in an age where many UK manufacturers have relocated overseas, decreased in size or gone into administration. Under the stresses of an increasingly globalised and thus competitive market, we have consistently performed to provide quality products from our Sussex based site. See our quality assurance.

50 years in business isn’t without its challenges though; Condale has weathered the storms of numerous recessions thanks to Condale’s meticulous decision-making, competitive offering and the safety net of full property ownership.

It’s no secret that over recent years, businesses and consumers have become more aware of the damaging effects of plastic waste on our environment, specifically single-use plastic items. At Condale Plastics, we have led the way on this issue and implemented sustainable solutions early on in business. Therefore, the majority of plastic extrusions manufactured at Condale are made from recyclable materials and are multi-use products that have a long-life span. We also manage our waste effectively too. See our environmental policy.

Plastics for industry

Unlike injection moulding or vacuum forming, at Condale a range of plastic materials are extruded into long shaped profiles or tubes .We are not a stockist but the variety of our plastic extrusions is huge. We’ve created bespoke solutions for many industries including sports, engineering and construction, office, medical and retail to name but a few. As well as recently strengthening our capability in lighting thanks to our Arrow Plastics acquisition. We also have a focus on engineering components due to a large variety of plastics that we extrude.

As the industry has matured and become more specialised we have seen the UK market demand higher quality products over the last 50 years. Having identified this early on in the company ’s tenure, we have perfected a plethora of profiles to make sure we deliver great quality at a competitive price for all plastic applications.


Plastic extrusions and the future

There are many benefits that celebrating 50 years in business brings, both to our customers and Condale’s employees. One such benefit is the team’s depth of experience and product knowledge regarding the pros and cons of all thermoplastics. As a result of their exposure to such a wide variety of thermoplastics and applications, our design team can help match any enquiry with the best material for its intended use.

At Condale we believe our lighting specialism will continue to grow. We also foresee our specialisms in agriculture, safety products and renewables going from strength to strength as our team continues to respond to growing demand.

As tackling sustainability and climate change will no doubt become increasingly high on the government’s agenda, we also expect significant changes in environmental standards over the coming years. This is something we fully welcome at Condale Plastics; it has been a long time coming. Our team ensure that we are both recycling and re-using effectively as well as continuing to strive forwards as a green and eco friendly company in an industry with such a poor environmental reputation. We are also hopeful that legislation will change to further facilitate the manufacturing industry’s contribution to a better future.

Being able to say that Condale Plastics has withstood 50 years of making plastic extrusions means innovation is at the heart of what we do. Condale Plastics has over the last half a century tackled some of the most complex and difficult profiles, daring to go where other companies have never been before. At Condale, our team are keen innovators and problem solvers. Our enquiries are often presented as problems or abstract ideas. Our design team endeavour to utilise all of our great wealth of thermoplastic knowledge and problem solving to find the best solution.

We’d like to thank our loyal customers for their support over the last 50 years and here’s to the next 50! To speak to a plastic extrusion expert about your bespoke thermoplastic solution, please contact us.


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