Year: 2022

Extrusion Advice

The evolution of 3D printing

As the world advances and technology evolves at an exponential rate, 3D printing seems to have become more and

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Condale Plastics proud sponsors of local football club!

We are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring local football team East Grinstead Meads FC for the

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Plastic Fantastic – some of the best plastic recycling Guinness World Records

On the 10th November, we celebrate Guinness World Records Day. Guinness World Records Day was first held back in

Company News

LIFCO Acquires Condale Plastics in the UK

Lifco has signed an agreement to acquire all of the shares in the British company Condale Plastics Ltd. The

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Which plastic is right for your extrusion?

Are you looking to use a plastic profile or tube? Plastic extrusions are very versatile and can be used

Extrusion Advice

The price of plastic

As with every industry around the world, the plastics industry is feeling the effects of a turbulent economy. With

Extrusion Advice

Not all plastic is bad plastic! How plastic profiles are getting greener

Have you ever thought about the sustainable properties of plastic? When you think about plastics, you probably jump towards


Plastic profiles: a modern essential for your application?

Whatever your application, a plastic profile may fit the bill. Modern extrusion technology and a variety of tailored materials